Pet Diagnostic Services in San Francisco

San Francisco and Bay Area Veterinary Pet X Rays

San Francisco Veterinary RadiographsThough veterinary radio-graphs (or pet x rays for your dog or cat) may seem like an outdated technology, they are in fact an important and cost-effective veterinary diagnostic tool for your San Francisco pet. Radio-graphs—also known as pet X-rays—are extremely helpful at identifying and diagnosing a number of medical conditions affecting your pet’s lungs, heart, abdomen, oral cavity, bladder, and kidneys. For example, a diagnostic radio-graph of your pet can detect cancerous tumors, diagnose heart-worm disease, bladder and kidney stones, and foreign objects that may have lodged in your pet’s body.

Pet x-rays are also very important for helping diagnose and treat injuries such as broken bones, joint injuries and illnesses and many other orthopedic conditions.

Because Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital believes that all animals deserve the best care possible we offer our clients digital pet x rays or radio-graphs as a part of our pet diagnostic services at our San Francisco veterinary office. Because these images are digital they are of a higher quality than standard pet X-rays and can be manipulated in order to provide your San Francisco veterinarian with the view necessary for an accurate diagnosis. These images can also be sent to a board certified specialist for timely consultations.

The San Francisco Pet Ultrasound: An Important Veterinary Diagnostic Tool

pet ultrasound servicesBecause a veterinary pet ultrasound machine can provide your San Francisco veterinarian with a very precise look at your pet’s internal organs, chest and abdomen without surgery or sedation, it is an incredibly important diagnostic tool for your pet’s health.

In particular, veterinary ultrasound is invaluable for making treatment decisions for various types of heart disease, assess the function and health of internal organs, and identify lesions, determine their origin, and if they have spread to other areas of the body. Veterinary ultrasound for your San Francisco pet is also a very powerful surgical aid such as by helping guide your veterinarian while obtaining a biopsy or removing a foreign object from your pet.

In most cases, the veterinary ultrasound procedure is relatively brief, less than an hour, and your pet is able to go home the very same day. Most importantly, though, your San Francisco veterinarian will be able to make a highly accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition and provide effective treatment recommendations.

At Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital we work with board certified radiologist Dr. Bill Rivers in order to provide a full range of high quality pet veterinary ultrasound services in our San Francisco facility.

The Veterinary Diagnostic Lab: Our Vet Services in San Francisco

veterinary diagnostic labThe LabPerforming preventative medicine as well as diagnosing emerging internal health issues requires the ability to perform a wide range of veterinary diagnostic laboratory tests on blood, urine, feces, and biopsied tissue. Without timely access to precise veterinary laboratory test results it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis or assessment of your San Francisco or Bay Area pet’s health.

For example, pet diagnostic testing can detect heart-worm disease, Lyme disease, infections, feline leukemia, intestinal parasites, urinary tract infections, and many additional diseases and conditions that can go unnoticed in their early stages. Early pet blood testing –as a part of our veterinary diagnostic lab services– can show evidence of disease such as diabetes, changes in liver or kidney function, or simply provide a baseline for future reference. Diagnostic testing for San Francisco pets is also included in pre-anesthetic screenings prior to dental or surgical procedures that require general anesthesia.

Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital has a complete in-house veterinary diagnostic laboratory in San Francisco. In many cases, our sophisticated instruments and diagnostic capabilities allow us to receive results within minutes.